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Duration: 8 months
(March 2024 – October 2024)


nextbike by Tier and Green Energy Group are co-organizing the “Ride to Green” campaign, which will begin on March 1st, 2024.

This connection encourages a sense of responsibility and the beginning of our common vision and goal, towards a sustainable and greener planet.

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Bicycles in Action:

A Step Towards Sustainable
Urban Communities

In the modern world, the biggest concern is the climate change. Governments from all around the globe are taking measures to reduce carbon emissions to prevent climate change and become more sustainable. One of the most effective sustainable approaches is the use of bicycles as a means of transportation in urban areas.

The growing pursuit of sustainable mobility
encourages citizens to choose bicycles for their daily needs.

The benefits of cycling go beyond merely reducing traffic congestion. Bicycle use
contributes to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and enhances physical health. Moreover, bicycles serve as a unifying tool for people. Establishing cycling communities and promoting cycling events in our cities contribute to the social dimension of sustainable mobility.

Despite the numerous advantages, challenges exist. The development of secure bike lanes and the promotion of cycling education are priorities. Bicycles are not just means of transportation;
they are means to a sustainable, healthy, and socially connected urban community.

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Environmental Challenges

What Are The Challenges to Environmental Sustainability?

Climate change




Resource Depletion

Biodiversity Loss

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nextbike by Tier Cyprus is the license operator of the new innovative way to cycle your way around the city. An ideal climate-friendly solution as a means of transportation and for a leisurely ride.

The Public Bike Sharing system from all around the world is available in Cyprus with bikes available 24/7.

Our vision is to improve mobility for communities, contribute in reducing the traffic and carbon emissions with an environmentally friendly approach.

nextbike by Tier Cyprus will actively contribute to the ‘Ride to Green’ campaign, as sustainable urban mobility, green culture and clean cities are closely connected values that the company identifies with.

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Green Energy Group is a vertically integrated group, with many years of experience in the field of Renewable Energy Sources. It offers integrated high-performance solutions for home, business and PV parks.

It holds an Electricity Supply License since 2019 and since October 2022, it participates in the Transitional Regulation of the Competitive Electricity Market. The Green Energy Group is made up of specialized professionals who work with a positive energy, a spirit of teamwork, ethically and collegiality, always trying to keep its vision alive.

Green Energy Group has made it a priority to create a green prosperous society, which can be achieved through a range of actions such as cycling, beach cleaning, tree planting and school presentations.

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Ride to Green Campaign

Beyond promoting sustainable urban mobility and cultivating a green culture, the goal of the campaign is to plant 10,000 trees in areas affected by wildfires. Additionally, the campaign aims to clean the beaches of Cyprus.


Promote sustainable urban mobility


Cultivate a
green culture


Plant up to 10,000 trees in affected areas


Clean the beaches of Cyprus

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The Actions
WE Can Do

Get involved

Launch the “Ride to Green” campaign with bicycles, where the purchase of a tree is enabled for every 5 kilometers cycled.

Promote the use of bicycles to the public.

Organize lectures in schools, universities, and companies (total of 15 lectures) to raise awareness.

Host a major cycling event in Limassol with activities and information sessions.

Conduct a press conference for the campaign.

Organize small events for tree planting.

Organize small events to clean the beaches of Cyprus.

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What Can Business Do to Help?

Reduce their
environmental impact

Invest in
sustainable actions

Educate their employees
about sustainability

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Advertising Packages






41-50 BIKES



21-40 BIKES



10-20 BIKES




As companies choose a higher advertising package (meaning renting more bikes), they enhance their opportunities for increased cycling distances, leading to the purchase of more trees and a greater environmental impact. The more the merrier.

Any business has the opportunity to join us in achieving the campaign’s objective by sponsoring a quantity of custom-branded bicycles. The sponsorship cost for each bicycle is €45, excluding VAT.

Moreover, with each bike rental, company employees will receive corresponding complimentary subscriptions, entitling them to 120 minutes of free usage per day throughout the entire campaign period.

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Ride to Green branded nextbikes

Ride to Green

Branded nextbikes

The “Ride to Green” campaign, a collaboration between nextbike by Tier and Green Energy Group, aims to promote green culture. Branded nextbikes will be introduced for an eight-month period to raise awareness of this initiative.

Additionally, by enabling sponsors to brand one side of the bikes with their logos, the campaign not only showcases their commitment to eco-friendly causes but also enhances visibility and recognition for the cause.

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Promotional Activities


Press conference for RIDE TO GREEN

Lecture events to raise awareness

Tree planting

Beach cleanup

Major Cycling Event in Limassol

Photographer for the events

Videographer for the events


Company’s advertisement on branded bicycles

Company’s advertisement on branded station


Press releases before and after the events

Newsletter distribution

Invitation to companies and cycling teams

Advertisement on the Ride to Green landing page

Advertisement on the nextbike by Tier Cyprus App (news section)

Tv Spots

Radio Spots

Banners on websites

Paid advertising (Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram ads)

Video production for companies participating in the events

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Ride to Green

Cycling Event

After finishing the Ride to Green campaign, there will be a big cycling event in Limassol. All the companies and their employees who joined the Ride to Green campaign can be part of this cycling event.

The goal of the event is to showcase and promote the companies that helped with the initiative. We want to highlight how many trees each company earned and planted through their branded bikes, the total kilometers cycled, and how many beaches were cleaned up.

To ensure widespread visibility, the event will bepromoted across various social media channels and the official website.

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Environmental Sustainability is important for our planet and future

There are many things that we can do as individuals, as well as businesses, to help protect the environment. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future for us and our children.

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